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The first database I worked with was IMAGE on the HP-3000 mini-computer. I used this database to manage the Student Records system at the College of Southern Idaho for about eight years.

While working at the College, I found a need for a similar database on the newfangled "Personal Computers" we were starting to use around the campus. In response to this need Chuck Todd and I wrote a clone of the Image database that ran under Borland's Turbo Pascal. This version of IMAGE was used to handle accounting at the City of Kimberly for many years, as well as cash register polling at numerous locations around the Magic and Wood River Valleys. It is still in use for some cash register polling applications.

When I started web programming with PHP, the default database was MySQL, so I have used it extensively in numerous web sites designed and hosted by Internet Marketing Specilists. In the past, this database was used for Con Paulos, Stouder Holsteins and Impact Radio. Currently the only project I have using MySQL is the Magic Valley Astronomical Society web site.

I have done quite a bit of web programming for Natserv Inc., a New York city company. These projects have included inventory for a food import house, a quarterly report generator system for a financial manager, and a control panel for an ISP. All of these projects use the PostgreSQL database.

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