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I am an administrator / developer / release manager for a number of open source projects on SourceForge:

vpopmail - Virtual domains for qmail. The best option for virtual domains using a single system user for qmail.

qmailadmin - A c based CGI program to manage vpopmail virtual domains.

pMailAdmin - A PHP based program to manage vpopmail virtual domains. The program itself is still far from complete, as it needs substantial work within vpopmail still, but there is a library of PHP code to manage forms, and access MySQL and PostgreSQL databases available as part of this project. This project also includes the most complete version of the vpopmail extension for PHP.

I am also an advocate for, and user of, a number of other major open source projects.

A single complete source for a substantial number of Linux and open source projects that are known to work well together. You can load everything you need from one DVD! I replace the web and mail servers from the distribution, but everything else works perfectly well for me.
One of the world's most popular Internet mail servers. When used with the vpopmail virtual domains system, it can scale to tens of thousands of domains, and millions of addresses. It is probably the most secure, and safest mail server to run.

If you need virtual domains, I highly recommend (and use) Bill Shupp's toaster
A popular web scripting language. It is also usable as a shell scripting language that excels in parsing text strings. It is scary, I've been using PHP nearly ten years now!
Probably the best open source database for web use. This database has been with PHP since the very beginning, and is well optomized for the usual access when used with a web site.
The world's most popular web server.
A more complex, and more capable database than MySQL. It tends to be more complex to set up and administer, but it follows open standards for SQL better than MySQL.

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