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SYSLIB a library for connecting web forms and relational databases
Part of my pMailAdmin SourceForge project...

Most of my syslib based programs are hidden behind private, password protected pages that are only used by employees of the customer. The screens and reports here are the same as used by the Magic Valley Astronomical Society, but the data has been replaced with fictional information. Feel free to edit the data and see the results in the reports.

Members - Edit the membership list.

AL List - Special spreadsheet for reporting to the Astronomical League

Mail List - Spreadsheet for mail merge.

Quick List - Simple program that dumps all member information.

Member Types - Set the options for the Member Type field.

Name Prefixes - Set the options for the Name Prefix field.

Name Suffixes - Set the options for the Name Suffix field.

Officer Types - Set the options for the Officer Type field.

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